Preparing for your Newborn Session:

The last things to do with baby before you leave the house are :
  • Give your child a quick bath. If your baby has dry flaky skin, some infant lotion can help - do not try to get rid of all the dry skin, as most of those efforts end up making it worse :o)
  • Make sure baby has a full tummy; the baby is likely to be much more settled during the session. Try to have the feeding be a 'main feeding' rather than a 'top up' if possible.
  • If your baby takes a soother, please bring it along.
  • Put baby in their car seat in just a diaper - I know, sounds a bit over the top, but trust us on this one.Here is how you pull it off:
    1. Put a couple of receiving blankets in the dryer to warm them up. Put one warm receiving blanket in the car seat before baby, lay baby on top of it, and then lay another warm receiving blanket on top. Then buckle them up. Use extra blankets on top as needed for warmth. If is it cold up - heat up the car before going out to the car with baby. Remember too that you are coming into a studio that is approximately 85 degrees so baby will be very comfortable once here.
    2. Baby usually arrives asleep after a bath, full tummy and warm receivers in the car seat with him or her.
    3. We like to start with the sleeping photos and Rima can generally keep your baby asleep as she transfers them from the car seat to the warm blanket they will be lying on to start. This is much easier if she is not pulling off three layers of clothes, hats, socks etc. Even those little things can stimulate the baby and make it more difficult to settle baby down back to sleep.
  • Mom/Dad's hands and faces will be in the photos. It's best to wear dark colours and long-sleeved tops for your session.
  • If other siblings or family members are going to be part of your infant session, please discuss some options with us before your appointment.

Some items to bring include:
  • Special blanket for baby if you have one
  • An infant prop. ex. a pair of baby booties, or a small stuffie, block letters of your baby's name
  • Snacks and water (we can also provide snacks if needed)